Death of DADT

Death of DADT

By Blog Daddy

It has been eighteen years that DADT has been implemented and during that eighteen year time period America has buried many a soldier who fought to protect our freedoms as some in this country fought to banish freedoms of it’s own people, and it’s own children. There are still those that would deny some in this country the rights and freedoms to live in a manner which they see fit, would deny them the right to fight for their country, to lay down their lives for the sake of what they believe this country stands for.

To those people I ask, if you would send your own child into battle to protect the future of generations to come, if you would take the risk of losing that child, what does it matter to you that a gay or lesbian person would do the same?  Would you be ashamed to know that the gay man who served next to your child saved his or her life?

It does not matter anymore on paper.  Gay and Lesbian service members can now serve openly in this country.  No more fear on that level, only a little fear on the battlefield.  At least their minds can be free enough to fight without worrying about their sexual orientation.

The excerpt below say’s it in a way I would have hoped to, but I find it difficult to write on this subject as I don’t understand peoples morality.  If gay Billy wanted to die to save your life, would you tell him “no thanks”?

“One of the marks of equal citizenship is the ability not just to enjoy the benefits of one’s country but to give back to it. As in any relationship, citizenship means give and take. But one of the most insidious — and effective — dimensions of the gay ban was that it deprived the world of witnessing gay people giving back, serving their country, exhibiting the same valor and self-sacrifice as their peers. That’s why the right wing fixated on gays in the military — because if the world could see that gay men and women were proud, effective warriors, and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, it would shatter the careful apparatus of myths they’d spent generations creating, the fiction that said gay people were only interested in their own pleasure and not, in equal parts to everyone else, in the noble effort to serve the greater good. It would shatter the myth that gay people are incapable of self-sacrifice and unworthy of first-class citizenship.”Nathaniel Frank

Finally something that might be of comical interest.  The military’s training guide on DADT.  Yes this is what our fighting men and women were given regarding the subject of homosexuality in the service.  A Comic Book.  Not just any comic book, one that appears to be written for a four year old. Click on the cover to view the entire (Comic) training manual.

One thing I have to wonder about, did any of our great military minds study the lessons of the Spartan Warriors?  Don’t they educate the people that are put in charge?  I digress…

My final thought, a line from a Bette Davis movie couldn’t be more prudent here. “I can only hope that a shameful episode in your life is completely past”  DADT was and will be an embarrassment on this countries history.

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